Q: Your turn-around for full set of photos is 7 days? It takes so long! 
A: My regular turn-around is 7 days for most events. I edit and apply basic-retouching on all images to provide the best possible results for my clients. This process takes as much time as or even longer time than the photo shoot hours. For example, if the photo shoot is for 5 hours, the editing and basic-retouching process could take about 5-8 hours. So I appreciate your patience! :) 

Q: I need some photos for social media asap. Can you do that?
A: Yes, 20-30 selects on the next day is free of charge. Please do mention you need that and by when you need them, when you contact me. 

Q: I need full set of finished (edited and retouched) photos by the next morning. Can you do that? 
A: It depends on the timeframe of the photoshoot. If it's for 12 hours photo shoot, it's most likely not possible. If it is relatively short timeframe, it is possible. Rush fee will apply. 

Q: I need full set of finished photos in 3 days. Can you do that? 
A: Yes, shorter than 7 days turnaround is available with a rush fee. 

Q: I need to get the photos on site while the event is still in process. Can you do that? 
A: Yes, I can bring a card reader and transfer small / unedited JPG files to your computer on site. The time to transfer the photos will be counted towards the photo shoot hourly rate. 


Q: What types of payment method do you accept? 
A: For regular rate clients, I accept major credit cards, check, ACH transfer and cash. 

Q: I am coming from overseas to NYC and need to hire a photographer. How can I pay you? 
A: For international clients, I can accept credit card or wire transfer. The international transactions usually cost more than US transactions, therefore, international transaction fees might apply. 


Q: Our event venue requires our photographer to have a liability insurance. Do you have it? 
A: Yes, I have a general liability of up to a million USD. Please mention that your venue requires a liability insurance when you contact me. 


Q: Our organization works hard to support world peace and is non-profit. Can you give us discounted rate? 
A: Yes, I have discounted rate for non-profit organizations. Please do mention that you are a non-profit and would like discounted rate. If you don't, I might not notice you are non-profit and give you my regular rate. 

Q: I need your service for long hours / multiple dates. Can you give us discounted rate? 
A: Yes, I have discounted rate for long hours / multiple dates clients. Please contact me for more details. 


Q: Are you a freelance photographer? My organization / company cannot hire a freelancer. 
A: Ayano Hisa Photography, Inc. is currently an S-corporation. It is a registered corporation in USA/NY. 


Q: I need a photographer and a videographer for my upcoming event in NYC. Do you provide videography service, too? 
A: I do not have any staff videographer, however, I would be happy to give you referrals. 


Q: My event is a bit far away. Can you come to photograph our event? 
A: Yes I would be happy to. However, there will be travel fees. The fee depends on the location. 


Q: Can you do photo shoots other than events? I like your natural / photojournalistic style and am considering to hire you for a non-event photo shoot. 
A: Yes absolutely! I can cover various photography like portraits, still life, life style, architecture, interior, etc.